Frequently Asked Questions


How long does it take to receive samples?

Samples are delivered direct to your home or business address via Fed Ex or UPS ground. Typical delivery time is 4 to 5 days from receipt of your sample order confirmation.

How many samples can I order?

You may order as many samples as you like. The mill provides 6" x 6" complimentary carpet samples and ships them at no charge. Complimentary LVP sample sizes may vary according to vendor and are shipped at no charge, as well.

Materials & Pricing

Please explain the “Good, Better & Best” Pricing System.

We have worked with your property managers to select products that are specifically suited for use in the rental property application. From these selections, we have provided “Good, Better & Best” options in order to offer different budget price points to choose from. All products within the Carpet Catalog are suitable for use in the rental property application. Pricing is typically based on the type of fiber, construction and thickness of the fiber.

What types of materials do you offer?

Most of the products we offer are low profile, tight and dense cut and loop style materials, as they offer the best durability in the application.

What type of pad will be installed?

Our standard pad offering is a 3⁄8” thick, 8# density re­bond (recycled foam chunks). This is more than suitable for the application. Please ask for more info if you’re interested in an upgraded pad option.


How long does it take to receive estimates?

Once you have created an account with Fitzgerald Flooring Inc., you will receive a confirmation email. If we have records for your property and unit type on file, you will also receive “Good, Better & Best” estimates for your property. If we do not have your property info on file, we will make arrangements to measure the property and provide estimates. This typically takes 3 to 4 days.


How long does it take to install carpet in my property?

While all installations are different, we can typically install 120 syds of carpet daily, based on the typical unit sizes of the properties we work in. The typical unit can be completed in 1 day with no disruption to rental incomes.

Do you vacuum upon completion?

Yes, you can expect that your unit will be vacuumed upon completion of the carpet installation and prior to the return of the furniture to its original location. It is our goal to make it look like professionals were there to install your carpet. That said, except for the new carpet, it will look like we were never there.

Will final cleaning be required upon completion of the carpet installation?

Yes, while we will work clean and vacuum the job upon completion, it is recommended that you schedule the final clean with your property manager or HOA. This will ensure that the property is fully ready for your next check in.


How will I be invoiced for materials and services rendered?

Upon agreement, you will be invoiced for all materials, shipping and tax. All invoicing is derived directly from the estimate that you have agreed upon. Upon completion of the installation, you will be billed for the labor portion of the estimate. Please note that no materials will be installed unless payment has been received for said materials. Payment is due upon receipt of invoice. A grace period will be allowed for those mailing payment.


What forms of payment do you accept?

Payment by check is preferred however, we also have the ability to receive payments through bank transfer.

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